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Q: How do I join the team?
A: Every player must tryout for the team, including returners. Tryouts are usually held yearly during the first week of the Fall Semester (See News tab for more details).

Q: When are tryouts?
A: 2021 Tryouts are during the first week of Fall classes. Please see the "News" tab for more details including specific dates, times, locations, and logistical prerequisite requirements.

Q: Will there be a season in Fall 2021?
A: Yes, at the moment the plan is for the season to go on as scheduled. All of our regular season games have been scheduled with the conference and it is very likely that Purdue club sports will lift travel restrictions this fall.

Q: How many players make the team?
A: We carry one roster of 30 players, all players are evaluated and selected from tryouts.

Q: How often does the club practice?
A: We practice 4 times a week during the Fall season with that cutting down to once or twice during the offseason in the Winter and Spring respectively.

Q: Does Purdue have an NCAA Men's team? 
A: No, not in West Lafayette. We are the highest level of men's soccer competition on Purdue's main campus.

Q: Can I get a scholarship from PUFC?
A: No, PUFC is a student run club sports organization and therefore has no affiliation whatsoever with the NCAA.

Q: What league does PUFC play in?
A: We are a member of the Midwest Alliance Soccer Conference, comprised of 52 midwestern university club soccer teams divided into 6 subdivisions. Starting in 2021 we will compete in the Western Division.

Q: Where does PUFC play/practice
A: We play at the Northwest Club Fields located at the Northeast Corner of Cherry and McCormick.

Q: Does PUFC have a coach?
A: No, the club is completely student run by our elected club officers.

Q: How much weekly commitment is expected for club members
A: In the Fall Semester, players can expect roughly 8-12 hours of weekly commitment, with that toning down significantly in the Spring Semester.

Q: Can Masters students join the team
A: Yes, as long as you are a Purdue student that is actively taking classes during the semester, you can tryout for the team.

Q: If I don't make the team, are there other ways to play soccer at Purdue?
A: Yes, absolutely. Purdue has plenty of options as far as Intramural Leagues go (see the RecWell section on Purdue's website for more info)
You can also find pickup games on a daily basis at the IM fields and the TREC
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